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About Honor


To those who don't know me:

My name is Honor and I am a professional artist based out of Texas, USA. My style is very minamalistic and contemporary, but I do have basics in photo-realism; and am in fact working on a project with my mother capturing the beauty of Texas State Parks, so stay tuned!

I'm a person who believes themself to be down to earth and approachable (once you get past the RBF). My friends refer to me as "The Mom" of the group. Sometimes I get suffocated by my local art community and will just take a step back and reset in my studio, my safe-haven. I'm definitely an observer, but can be the life of the party if the need arises.

Art to me is my voice and therapist. Sometimes there isn't a reason why I chose a color or bent my lines a certain way. My mind just needs to vent on tangent. So let it be. But if it speaks to you, I'm glad. Art is our language, our voice sharing with you our experiences and emotions...and sometimes the translators (viewers) make it more accessible to others.

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